The Jump Rope Guy assembly was received extremely well by our students. Trent Cunningham is definitely a professional rope jumper. He kept the students in the palm of his hand as he demonstrated rope jumping techniques. Trent involved the students in his act. The other students enjoyed watching their peers perform. The highlight of the assembly was the routines performed with lighted jump ropes in the dark. Students and staff are still talking about this entertaining assembly.

I give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

Tracy M. Thompson, Principal, Snake River Middle School

We recently invited Trent Cunningham, The Jump Rope Guy, to perform at an assembly at White Pass Elementary School. He communicated with us through phone calls to set up the assembly time and date and to verify several days in advance. The day of the assembly arrived and so did Trent (over an hour early to make sure he arrived on time). I appreciated his enthusiasm and punctuality.

Trent performed many jump rope “tricks”, but mostly demonstrated his great athletic ability with several types of rope. He included our students in some of his demonstrations and made the assembly fun for them.

Trent’s finale with glow-in-the-dark jump ropes proved to be the WOW moment that impressed our students the most.

One long time teacher at this school told me afterwards, “We’ve never had such a great assembly here. Wouldn’t it be great if the students decided to form a jump rope club?” That hasn’t happened yet, but what we did notice right away is that many students were practicing at recess times some of the jump rope skills Trent taught at the assembly. What a delight and one more way to keep students entertained and busy at recess time!

I would highly recommend Trent Cunningham for a fun assembly at your school. He is definitely a World Champion Jump Roper with outstanding skills.

Kathleen Tully, Principal, White Pass Elementary

The Jump Rope Guy, Trent Cunningham did an assembly for our students, grades 1-6, during the first week of December. It was a wonderful experience for our students. Not only did they see the physical benefits of jumping rope, but Mr. Cunningham helped them to understand how important it was to take care of yourself and to celebrate diversity.

The students responded to the assembly with laughter and applause; they enjoyed it immensely.

I would recommend this assembly to all elementary schools. It was positive and very upbeat.

Judy Thomas, Principal, Wilcox Elementary School