Trent Cunningham, The Jump Rope Guy, was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. He started jumping rope while in third grade when a jump rope team from Colorado flew up to put on a few school assemblies in his hometown. For Trent, jump rope started out as an interest, but quickly grew into much more.

By sixth grade Trent won his first international gold medal and had begun performing his skills before audiences across the U.S. In seventh grade, Trent took his first international tour through parts of Europe.

Over the next five years The Jump Rope Guy stunned the jump rope world by winning five more consecutive world championships.

Once graduated, Trent flew to Ukraine where, in joint effort with the Ukranian government, he performed a drug awareness assembly program through Ukranian schools in the Russian language. Before returning home, his program was broadcast over Ukranian national television reaching millions of viewers.

Trent’s success in competition brought him invitations to hold jump rope workshops across U.S. states and foreign countries, teaching thousands of men, women and children the secrets of jump rope. Now a professional, The Jump Rope Guy performs at schools, colleges, corporate events and private parties. He also hold a World Champion jump rope workshop near areas where he has recently performed.

Trent believes strongly in education. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a Minor in Russian along with a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Health Care.